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October 2015

How I Made My Background

*You need Photoshop to do this

  1. First I took 2 colors (blue and green) and made them into a gradient going top to bottom
  2. Then I copied that layer and reversed the gradient
  3. After that, I made a new layer with the gradient going left to right
  4. Then I repeated #2
  5. After all 4 layers are made, I changed the blending mode to pin light on all the layers
  6. I then copied all the layers and merged all that I copied
  7. I took that layer that I merged and copied it. Then I flipped the layer upside down
  8. After all that, I had the basic original design. I put the layers into a folder and copied the folder 3 times
  9. Then I made the canvas bigger
  10. I then flipped 2 folders upside down and flipped 1 upside down folder and one right side up folder horizontally
  11. I then lined them up as if it was a mirrored image
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Hiking Equipment Ideas

Whether you’re going out at day or night, you should always be as safe as you can. For those who are going hiking, soon or not, here are some suggestions for items to bring along.

  1. A Compass and map
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Jacket
  4. Flashlight (and extra batteries)
  5. Water bottles
  6. First aid kit

For those staying the night in the wilderness:

  1. Bring an extra day’s supply of food
  2. Lighter / matches
  3. Sunglasses

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Stay Hydrated!

Staying hydrated is a very important thing. If you’re dehydrated, you could feel dizziness, vomit, and you could possibly faint or get a fever. Suggested treatments are sipping water, drinks containing carbohydrates/electrolytes, sucking on something cool, and keeping the room cold, though using ice packs on the dehydrated person’s skin is highly not recommended.

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Medical Kits Suggestions

Most medical kits have the basics, such as bandages, anti bacterial cream, tape, and more. But some don’t have things that could really be of use. For example, something you should put in your med kit is a page of phone numbers you can call in an emergency, including family and friends. Another thing you should add is a flashlight with extra batteries in case they go out. It could also be of use to have a whistle in case you’re lost and a guide is looking for you. Having a small pocket knife could help as well. These are just a few suggestions from me. Whether you heed it or ignore is up to you.

Tick Prevention Tips

When you’re going outside during tick season, you should expect to find a tick on you. They hide anywhere they can. So make sure to protect yourself every way possible.

Products containing permethrin can kill ticks. You can use such products to treat boots, clothing and camping gear. And a great thing about this is that you remain protective through several washings. And for a repellent on the skin, use a product with N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide, or DEET. Repellents containing 20% or more DEET can protect you up to several hours.

After being outside, check for ticks on the way in. You never know if one might have snuck in between folds on clothing. Afterwards, it’s recommended you take a shower. That way any unfound ticks will be washed off. Also if you did get a bite, your risk for Limes Disease is reduced after taking a shower.

I hope these tips help and stay safe!

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That Feeling

That feeling when you finally reach the top after a long climb


…Actually I was bored and made this XP

Dangers of being overworked

Sure it can be fun to go out, but you shouldn’t work your body too hard. Overworking the body too much can lead to injury. It’s common to experience sore muscles and joints if you’re over training your body. Stress fractures (when stress is shifted to the bone resulting in tiny cracks) are a common type of injury caused by overuse of muscles.  In small amounts, inflammation is beneficial to fitness, but too much can cause exercise injuries such as shin splints, tendinitis (inflammation of  tendons between muscles), and plantar fasciitis (inflammation of foot tissue). So make sure your body is in good shape before deciding to go climbing somewhere like Profile Rock.

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