When you’re going outside during tick season, you should expect to find a tick on you. They hide anywhere they can. So make sure to protect yourself every way possible.

Products containing permethrin can kill ticks. You can use such products to treat boots, clothing and camping gear. And a great thing about this is that you remain protective through several washings. And for a repellent on the skin, use a product with N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide, or DEET. Repellents containing 20% or more DEET can protect you up to several hours.

After being outside, check for ticks on the way in. You never know if one might have snuck in between folds on clothing. Afterwards, it’s recommended you take a shower. That way any unfound ticks will be washed off. Also if you did get a bite, your risk for Limes Disease is reduced after taking a shower.

I hope these tips help and stay safe!

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