*You need Photoshop to do this

  1. First I took 2 colors (blue and green) and made them into a gradient going top to bottom
  2. Then I copied that layer and reversed the gradient
  3. After that, I made a new layer with the gradient going left to right
  4. Then I repeated #2
  5. After all 4 layers are made, I changed the blending mode to pin light on all the layers
  6. I then copied all the layers and merged all that I copied
  7. I took that layer that I merged and copied it. Then I flipped the layer upside down
  8. After all that, I had the basic original design. I put the layers into a folder and copied the folder 3 times
  9. Then I made the canvas bigger
  10. I then flipped 2 folders upside down and flipped 1 upside down folder and one right side up folder horizontally
  11. I then lined them up as if it was a mirrored image