Hello. I’m Hayl Gauvin. I have lived in this area of Massachusetts my entire life, and can barely imagine myself moving away. I have 2 older sisters, one in college for 3D animation and one working at a bank. My mother baby-sits and my father is an electrician. I love J-pop, but I also like a vast majority other genres. If I ever make anything, I wouldn’t stop refining it until it becomes something I would want/watch if I randomly came across it.

Probably my best drawing of a hand ever.

Another big thing about me is that I’m really nerdy. One thing I’m excited to do is when Pokémon Go comes out (for as I am writing this, it was just announced) I want to visit these places I listed on this website and see what I can find. I love the Let’s Play community on YouTube and it’s because of them that my favorite game is something I never played: Xenoblade Chronicles.

I thought of making this website to help out those in the area, and maybe if I ever learn how to do it, I can expand to at least the entire country. It started with a trip to Profile Rock in Freetown with my sisters. I realized I didn’t know of any other cool places around to climb and explore. I started looking up places and how to get there. I thought that there may be others like me so I made this website for those people.